David Schenk

David SchenkDave is the co-owner and creator of LIFT Society. After spending most of his life as an athlete (All state middle linebacker in football and a state champion and PAC 10 champion wrestler) he now focuses on building aesthetic bodies that look as good as they perform.

Dylan Schenk

Dylan SchenkDylan is the CEO of LIFT Society and Lululemon Ambassador along with being a mom, wife, and leader within the fitness community. She has been a coach to some of the most influential people in Los Angeles and Montecito, CA as well as an international speaker and coach since 2005. Dylan is proud of the culture, community and strong friendships that have resulted from the amazing members at LIFT Society!

Lindsay Dill

Lindsay DillLindsay grew up very active, participating in team sports such as softball, volleyball, basketball and gymnastics. Despite her natural athletic ability, she struggled with her weight through her teen years and early 20’s. After the passing of her father in 2009, she decided it was finally time to take charge of her life and make a change. She dabbled in general conditioning and mainstream fitness for a few years until discovering CrossFit in 2013. Lindsay eventually transitioned into a full time competitive Olympic Weightlifter after learning that was where her true passion lies. Once she finally got a grasp on nutrition, she has shed nearly 100 pounds, and trains competitively under Coach Bob Takano. Lindsay loves sharing her knowledge of lifting with everyone around her. Aside from her passion for heavy lifting, she has substantial knowledge in mobility and natural movement through correcting some of her own injuries. She enjoys training others and helping them discover things about their bodies that they never thought possible. She believes that having a strong body means nothing if it isn’t paired with a strong mind and heart.

Monique Bell

Monique is here to educate and challenge individuals on their fitness journey. She became a certified personal trainer because to her, being able to help people change their bodies is the ultimate reward. High energy and endurance are some of her best qualities, and she nourishes her passions by continuing to seek higher education in the fitness industry.
Monique is a natural athlete who participated in Track & Field, and cross-county all through high school and college. She starting competing in NPC Bikini Competitions in 2016 and is now a nationally qualified bikini competitor and overall champion, currently working towards her longtime dream to become an IFBB Pro. She is extremely dedicated and passionate about what she does, her goal is to motivate people into becoming more active while learning to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Amy Potter

AmyAmy has always been fascinated with movement, anatomy and overall health and wellbeing. She grew up playing sports and loved how athletics and weight lifting gave her a confidence & strength that she now loves to share with others. Amy graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Health Sciences from DePaul University, a Personal Training certification from ACE and a Holistic Health Coaching Certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She focuses on progressive-overload strength training, metabolic conditioning, mobility and flexibility to give her clients sustainable results they can be proud of and maintain. Amy has a passion for challenging her clients to realize their potential to become healthier, stronger and more powerful than they thought possible. When she’s not coaching clients, Amy enjoys playing sports both recreationally and competitively and loves any and all types of games. She loves being out in nature, playing with her French bulldog and exploring So Cal as a new resident.

Betina Gozo

Nike Master Trainer and creator of Women’s Health Magazine’s Woman’s Guide to Strength Training – works with clients and top industry leaders as a fitness professional with a focus/emphasis on strength training. Her #1 goal is to use fitness and training to inspire people to make positive lifestyle changes so they can live their most optimal life. Betina’s strength is motivating clients to reach outside their comfort zone in order to transform their body and mind. An individualized, dynamic approach to fitness helps Betina’s clients find their own passion and drive to reach their fitness goals.
As a Nike Master Trainer, Betina has been featured on the Nike Training Club App and has been an advisor for Nike marketing content. You can often find her leading inspirational workouts and live events throughout the United States and Nike World Headquarters. As the winner of Women’s Health Magazine’s 2017 “Next Fitness Star,” Betina has created the “Woman’s Guide to Strength Training”, a 12 week digital training plan designed specifically for woman, in partnership with the magazine. From killer workouts to tips on how to navigate the weight room, Betina shares her expertise to help you get the most out of your resistance workouts. She also travels the world, empowering and connecting women through her Women’s Only Strength Training Workshops or Women’s Strength Training Camps.

Luci Eisen

Lucy EisenLuci is a former couch potato/crazy ice cream eater who discovered her love for weightlifting in 2011. After one very inspiring and also, very humbling year of weight training, gymnastics and the most intense cardio she had ever done in her life, she realized she needed to turn around and inspire others to follow the same path. At that point, fitness completely changed her life. She started coaching Crossfit and Weightlifting in 2012 and completely devoted herself to the success of others through fitness. She is a Crossfit Level 2 Trainer, and also holds her Crossfit Weightlifting and USA Weightlifting certifications. Luci truly values being a coach and motivating others to move better and be better everyday. She is no longer that couch potato she once was, and she now finds herself preferring ice cream when it’s between two cookies.

Matt Thornton

Matt ThorntonMatthew has been coaching and personal training in Los Angeles since 2014. He got his start at several local CrossFit affiliates and transitioned into corporate wellness and personal training. He respects and believes in the programming at Lift Society. “I really enjoy the physical discipline of lifting. Being proficient in the the major lifts is something that takes a lot of time and years of practice. I still learn something new every time I lift and it keeps me coming back.”