August Spotlight: Eliot

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Why have you stuck around LIFT Society since 2012?
I started with the Schenks at their first gym when it was just Pilates and barefoot kettle bells and it has come a long way since those early days. I have stuck with them because I believe in their approach to fitness which is to always be evolving and engaging. Fitness to me is about working towards being the best version of yourself and at Lift Society I see the trainers practicing what they preach. I had never done group classes before coming to this gym. I was primarily just a weightlifting guy that lifted heavy, didn’t stretch and ate crap. I still eat like crap sometimes but these group classes have helped with the biggest challenge I’ve faced in keeping fit: mental fatigue. Since these classes are ever evolving and I know the trainers put thought into workouts and are continuing to evolve the brand it keeps me mentally engaged to have bigger breakthroughs in my fitness regime. I lift heavier now than I did with just standard weightlifting and I think that is due to the full body workout we train daily. The way Dylan and Dave approach fitness is very inspiring to me.  They haven’t had one program and stuck to that over the years but have continued to ask questions, stayed engaged with current fitness science and being humble enough to learn and grow. Also Dave is the strongest and fittest guy I know so it’s encouraging to have the owner of the gym being the model to strive for.
What motivates you in your workouts? 
It’s a combination of things. I work out a lot of my life stress and my workouts and believe few problems can’t be temporarily solved with a good sweat. Also the training staff right now is the best I’ve seen. In order for me to be motivated I have to have respect for my trainers and all of them are strong, positive human beings that do as much if not more than what they ask of us in class. So I know I’m never being pushed more than they would or could do. Also I love burritos so that motivates a lot of my training.
What’s been your biggest physical accomplishment at the gym? Outside the gym?
I would say seeing an overall strength and connection in my body . I have gotten results before but as I get older I am seeing the need for all of the pieces to come together more. From flexibility to the secondary muscles that aid the power muscles to an increased stamina. Whereas my old self was broken into different parts of the body to work out at a time, Lift Society makes me feel like I’m using all of my body all of the time. We take these bodies and what they can do for granted most of the time so I feel more of a connection and love for what my body can accomplish.
What are you doing when you’re not sweating?
Raising my daughter which staying fit has been another motivation. I don’t know how people have kids without being in peak physical condition. It’s insane. I’m also a comedy writer/actor.

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