May Spotlight: Paula

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What was your impression after taking your first session at LIFT society?
My first impression of Lift Society was awesome. I had recently moved to the area so for a while I had been using ClassPass in search of a home gym with no luck. Having had an interest in weightlifting the last few years, I took TotalLift as my first class. I was amazed at the level of attention that was given to each person in the class while being challenging at the same time. There was never pressure to lift a specific weight and I loved how there was so much focus on form and technique. 
What was the reason you chose to make LS your home gym?
Where do I start? This is tough because there are so many reasons. Having had such a great first impression of the gym, I tried the different class offerings and loved them all. Before LS, I did Crossfit for a couple years. And before that, I would workout solo, programming a few days a week of focused lifting and a few days of HIIT/Metabolic Conditioning. Doing my own programming was hard to sustain and Crossfit started to wear on my body; I would often let my form suffer because of how competitive it can be. Still, I loved the workouts, and wished there was something in between the two. I found my Goldilocks in Lift Society! The programming is diverse and the classes never feel too competitive, but that doesn’t mean they’re not challenging. I’m sore (the good kind) every day! I love that the small class size allows for everyone to get attention and corrections as needed, and the staff is always so encouraging and supportive. Also, adding Luci to the coaching  team made me love the gym even more. Finally, bonus points to LS for its location, cleanliness, having a parking lot and towels.
What motivates you in your workouts? 
The human body and its ability to get stronger and faster fascinates me. That said, I try to challenge myself mentally and/or physically every day, even if it’s with something small.  This plays a large role in what motivates me during my workouts. This could mean getting outside my comfort zone, lifting a little more than last time, pushing myself to failure on something, trying to have good form on every rep, focusing on better breathing, and so much more. I believe that I can only grow or improve by never getting too comfortable.
Favorite/least fav exercise(s)?
I’ll start with my least favorite: Snatch. It’s the most difficult lift for me, and being so technical I can either have a good day or have a bad day with it. Though, I do like its complexity. Rather than focusing on increasing weight, my focus is always on improving form for this lift. On the flip side, asking me for my favorite exercise is like asking me what my favorite song is; I can’t pick just one! But if I must, I’d say Clean & Jerk. It’s a technical, full-body lift that I have a little more success with but there are always things to tweak and polish. (I low-key like burpees, too).
What are you doing when you’re not at the gym?
When I’m not at the gym, I’m a bit of a content junkie; e.g. movies, music, TV, podcasts, etc. I’m also quite passionate about travel and exploring new cuisines (both preparing and consuming; I love learning about new recipes and/or restaurants!). However, please note that sushi is everything. Some other things I like to do are spend time with family and friends, play board games, karaoke, read and meditate.

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